Lexii takes Columbus, Ohio

11 Apr


I surprised one of my college besties by flying out to her hometown Columbus, Ohio just to cheer for her as she gracefully cat walked across the stage to get her 2nd Bachelor’s degree, this time it was in Nursing- and you better believe she left a trail of Black Girl Magic behind her. I am extremely honored to have her as a friend. She was so shocked that I had been in her house for at least five hours before she woke up. Mind you we haven’t seen each other since May 4th 2014, the day we graduated from Undergrad but we talk every single day. Dani is one in a million, she obtains two degrees, married to the love of her life and one humble blessed young lady. It’s been a great time watching her blossom. Continue to do great things Mrs. T.

Lexii Takes The Bay Area

11 Apr

5,4,3,2,1 HAPPY NEW YEAR!

IMG_2378 1PMMF7530


I know a few months late and a dollar short but better late than never. I hope you all are enjoying your 2016 adventures, I surely am.


One day towards the end of 2015 I vowed to travel more in 2016 and I’ve kept my word.


I brought in the New Year with some college friends in Northern California at a Trap Art event. The night was spent great art, Bay Area music and smiles that burst out into laughter with college friends with our stories about being in our twenties. Then we brunched, reminisced and shared much needed advice about going after our dreams no matter the circumstance. Being an Alumna of an all women’s Historically Black College, every time we link up it feels like our we’re the lost footage of the classic hit show “Girlfriends”

The Art of Being Comfortable In Your Singleness

11 Apr

This blog post was inspire by my Bennett Sister Lydia Blanco’s Facebook status:


“Every day I learn something new about myself in my singleness and I thank God for that”


There is art in being comfortable in your singleness.


Within my group of friends two are married, two are in serious relationships, one has entered her journey in to single motherhood and the other 3 are dating.


Its been a little over a year since my last relationship. Please believe me when I was timing is everything. My journey to being “okay” with being single was no walk through the park. I bumped into three unnecessary situationships; that could’ve been avoided. But hey, experience is the best teacher, right?


It seemed as if every time I logged into my social media accounts someone just announced they’re getting married. Of course, I often wondered when was it going to be my turn. Everywhere I looked , a relationship was there and I really wanted to be in one. From TV, social media, friends etc. everything revolved around love & relationships.


I had a lot of free time on my hands because I wasn’t spending countless hours on the phone cupcaking anymore. I then began reading books like “Letters to my Daughter” by Maya Angelou. The book was phenomenal and taught me that the art of living fearlessly is to seize every opportunity. Maya took many risks, she too longed for love and got her heart broken many times. Those unfortunate lessons taught her how to love herself endlessly.


It was then when I realized I was so uncomfortable being alone. While driving I’d rather plug in my headsets and talked to a friend or two instead of listening to the radio enjoying “ME” time.


So, I challenged myself to starting dating me. I began to take myself out to dinner, to the spa, shopping, pack a bag, occupy a window seat and travel alone. It began to become second nature to spend time with myself than to hit a bar or a club. I’d rather stay home and scrapbook, cook, write in my diary or Netflix and chill with my damn self.


I also pray, write scripts, work out, make goals and achieve them. To my sisters out there searching for a bae. Remember to find “she” before finding “he”. We’re young and we have time. Focus on yourself, forgive the person who broke your heart and enjoy your singleness. It’s not that bad, I promise.

Crowning Miss Compton

10 Sep

miss cptMiss Compton 2014-2015 JaTiara Fuller is a graduate from California State University of Long Beach, she obtains a Bachelors Degree in Human Development and a minor in Africana Studies.


Did you always know you wanted to be Miss Compton, how was your process, how’d you find out about this opportunity?

Miss Compton: I didn’t find out that Compton had a pageant until earlier this year. I was working at Centennial High School and came across the Compton magazine when I spotted a spread on the Miss Compton pageant. After that I knew I wanted to be involved so I visited the Miss Compton website and inquired about the upcoming pageant. Soon after that I received a phone call from the pageant director Ms. Shanice McKinley, we had a phone interview. Next, we had an interview in person and after the meeting I was informed that I was going to be a contestant for the pageant.Lastly, all of the contestants met, had a photo shoot, and we began the training for our pageant.

How did it feel to be crowned Miss Compton?

Miss Compton: Crowning was very interesting. The day of the pageant I was not crowned as the winner, instead I was named 1st runner up. It wasn’t until a couple days later that I was notified that there had been an accounting error and that I was in fact the true winner. So I was never actually “crowned”. However in the near future I will be having a crowning ceremony so I can get the recognition that I deserve and my family can see me being presented with the crown and sash.

The crowning ceremony date is to be announced.

I know it has been only a short time since you became Miss Compton, what has been your favorite look you have worn for an event so far?20140816_180125-1

Miss Compton: My first event will be Saturday September 13th and it’s a youth golf tournament, but my favorite look from the pageant had to be the evening gown portion. I felt completely flawless. I felt like I was on top of the world and that I was the prettiest girl in the world.
What are the top three best things about being Miss Compton thus far?

Miss Compton: So far the top three greatest things about being Miss Compton is: 1. Being a positive role model to young girls aspiring to go to college or who just need a positive young woman to look up to and who they can count on, 2. Giving back to the community and being able to mingle with the Compton population and putting in efforts to change the image of Compton, and 3. Being able to dress up, go to events and mingle with people from all different walks of life.

Who was your biggest role model growing up and why?

Miss Compton: My biggest role model is definitely my mother. She is strong, intelligent, independent, caring and dependable. She always gives me great advice and is always in my corner no matter if she agrees with my decision or not. I know she will always back me up and point me into the right direction.
Who is your latest celebrity crush?

Miss Compton: I love Kelly Rowland, Tammy Rivera and Gabriel Union. Those women are so amazingly beautiful and intelligent. I just love their drive and work ethic.
What is your favorite social media platform to use and why?

Miss Compton: Personally my favorite platform is Instagram but for the pageant my favorite platform is Facebook. Instagram is fun because you can see cool pictures and everything is easily accessible and on the other hand Facebook allowed me to reach a wider community, which allowed me to reach more people to inform them about the pageant.
If you could jump on a plane tomorrow and go anywhere, where would you go? Who would you bring?

Miss Compton: I would go to Italy in a heartbeat! I would bring my mom because she is one of my traveling buddies and we can do a lot of shopping there.

What’s your favorite guilty pleasure?

Miss Compton: Definitely has to be shopping! I know I shouldn’t do it as much but I just need shoes!! I just love them!


Lastly, What advice can you give to future Miss Compton’s?

Miss Compton: Some advice I would give is to make sure you stay focused and have a good sense of yourself. To be Miss Compton you need to have a plan of action and steps on how to achieve the goals you set. It is important to have yourself prepared both mentally and physically in order to represent Compton. I would also want to let future Miss Compton’s know that they must grow some pretty thick skin because not everyone is going to like you and a queen must be able to get along with everyone without any problems. The future Queen’s need to be versatile.

Doin’ Da Butt With College Daze

5 Feb

College Daze is a school project and would like to pay homage to the cast of School Daze and the legendary film maker Spike Lee. School Daze was one of the reasons the majority of my peers choose to attend a historically black college. Thank you Mr. Spike Lee for introducing us to hbcu’s and dance. When life throws us lemons, we do the butt until it makes us sore.

College Girls Apparel

5 Feb

Turning your hobby into a career can be exciting and rewarding. For millennials entrepreneurship is our new “ 9 to 5” without benefits, vacations and sometimes a salary. The new age of entrepreneurship is risky but that’s what being an entrepreneur is all about. Issa Rae, Nikki Walton and Todrick Hall all started from the bottom and now are the leading and most fascinating entrepreneurs today. As a result more and more young adult are testing the waters of taking the risk and running their own business.


Twenty-one-year-old Montiera Straughter a Business Administration major at Hampton University created College Girls Apparel;  is a cute and comfy clothing line, and College Girls, Inc.; which is a social organization that inspires and girls and young woman to blossom into the successful queen they’re destined to be. Here’s Montiera Straughter, the beauty and brains behind the College Girls Apparel and College Girls Inc.



What’s a typical day for a college entrepreneur?


A typical day for me is completing all of my school work and business work. Sometimes the work overload can be overwhelming but it is attainable. As a student entrepreneur I’m learning that time management is essential, especially if I want to be successful. Managing my school work and company work can overlap but majority of the time I try not to let them. Ultimately, my school work is top priority; but my business plays a major role in my life as well. It’s all about balance.


How did you come up with College Girls, Inc.?


The whole #COLLEGEgirls epidemic was created one of the many days I would day dream and doodle in my financial accounting class. It started out as a slogan for a t-shirt and eventually the concept grew larger in my mind. College Girls Apparel is a lounge wear brand created for the girl on campus who’s style is cute and comfortable, whether the weather conditions are harsh and she wants to stay warm, or if she just wants the perfect apparel to sport to the airport on her way home for holiday break. The College Girls brand will expand each season. Items ranging from apparel, cosmetics, accessories, and even dorm room essentials.


College Girls Inc. is the more interactive sector. Creating a lane for educated girls to apply their creativity and logic to appeal to the masses. Activities such as reading, writing, directing, event coordinating, community service projects, and exploring fashion, beauty, and music. College Girls, Inc. is an organization created for every girl to let her inner beauty glow through self expression in different areas of interest.:photo 1(4).png


Tell me about your mission statement?


“Every girl has her own smile, style and profile” The College Girls brand was designed for girls all about fashion trends, brilliance, and sophistication. Our goal is to create items to fit every girl on campus to make her fall in love with the brand.


What are your future goals for College Girls ?


 As a brand I’d like to create a multi-billion dollar empire. Ranging from fashion, education ( scholarships), cosmetics, dorm-room essentials, college girls entertainment ( books, magazines, TV series, blog, etc.):photo 4(1).png


Goals for the brands:

Future goals for the brand is to have a respectable name and brand and to expand beyond measures. The major goal is to impact the world and inspire girls to continue to elevate their education along with reaching their  personal goals. 


What have you learned by being an entrepreneur?


As a young entrepreneur I’ve learned to always be strategic and original. If the idea is never boring and the technique is logical and original; success is nearly guaranteed. As an entrepreneur is imperative that I stay professional and organized, I ‘ve always being aware of exciting innovations and what the latest business trends are. Branding is everything. The way the brand is presented is the way it’ll be received. 


What are the pros and cons you’ve faced as CEO?


The pros of being CEO are being the boss and having the final say in every aspect of the company. Having the opportunity to be the creative director, manager, and consultant. In addition to being head of everything, receiving praise for all the superb work gives the ego a boost.


The cons of being CEO are when there’s a glitch it the company it all falls on you, and you have to create a fascinating strategy to comeback better than before.



As CEO I’ve encountered adversity and much success. Throughout the short length of time as a businesswoman, I’ve learned to accept that my ideas are what started the business but satisfying the consumer’s needs is what will bring future success and stability. Appealing to the masses is the main priority of the business. In addition to creating trendy products, pricing them plays a major role in gaining sales and growing profits.  


Hopefully this inspires you to turn your hobbies into careers. Start that business that you keep pushing off because you don’t feel like it’s the right time. The time is now, Take that risk and get use to making money doing the things you love.

Photos from Instagram: @CollegeGirlsInc

Visit http://www.collegegirls.bigcartel.com/

Do For Love

26 May

“What you won’t do, do for love
You tried everything, but you don’t give up” – Tupactumblr_lz13llSc7k1r4j5cho1_500

My roommate/friend Takesha “Kesha” McDaniel, (a psychology major from the District of Columbia) and I had a heated debate about relationships. Keep in mind we do this on the regular but this time it was different, very different. Kesha asked me

“If you were genuinely in love would you move anywhere for the sake of you significant other’s career?”

Immediately I selfishly answered “NO”. However, because Kesha has been in a committed relationship for 3 years and some change, she chuckled and said “Wait until you fall in love, just wait until you meet your soul mate”.

At the time I was going through a “single and ready mingle” stage and not to mention ever since I entered college I stopped believing in marriage. (My mind has changed since this debate and my fairly new relationship) I figured my generation will most likely have the lowest rate of weddings because the culture of dating has changed. Most of my peers have friends with benefits and no “Girlfriend & Boyfriend” titles.

Therefore I challenged Kesha and brought the debate onto one of my most favorite social networks, Instagram. Instantly, my Instagram notifications started blooming and to my surprise my followers agreed with Kesha. They  said they would move because love conquers all.

A Journalism and Media Studies graduate of Bennett College’s Class of 2012 Briana Barner, my mentor, got engaged after graduating. (Literally, right after she received her degree and walked off the stage. Her response was:

“Reese (her fiance) and I have to discuss this recently because:

  1. He is pursuing internships.
  2. We graduate next year.

I would move if he had a job somewhere else, but for me, I would only be willing to do that once we are married because that is the ultimate bond and security. Once we’re married, as a unit, there is no “I”, but “we”. I think this also works only if you have someone who would be willing to do the same for you. Sometimes to win as a couple  doesn’t always mean that YOU will be the person winning on paper. But together, your successes are my successes, if that means any sense.”

Myriah Cyphers Criminal Justice Major at Clark Atlanta response was: “Lexii, this is a good one but you already know my answer is yes!

“Yes I would, nothing is stronger than love. Your answer will change once you have experienced true love. Once you meet a person that you love more than life itself, you’re willing to do anything to be with that person” said James Pierce Social Work  graduate from Livingstone College, class of 2012.

As I read the responses to Kesha she smiled, shooked her head and said “I told you so, Lex!”.

Since this debate my thoughts about love, relationships and marriages have been altered and yes,I too will move with my significant other only if there’s an engagement ring involved. That’s my only golden ticket.

By: Alexis Small