College bound Entrepreneurs Takes The Lead

19 Mar

College bound Entrepreneurs Takes The Lead

California native nineteen-year-old Montiera Straughter, sophomore Business major at Hampton University is building an empire. She has designed her own clothing company entitled “College Girls”. College Girls has made a trademark on the gorgeous campus of Hampton from T-Shirts, Sweat Shirts and Tote bags. Straughter plans on a expanding her clothing line into school supplies such as Pens and Pencils. “This is just a glitz and glam preshow of what my glamorous business I will run after I receive my masters degree. This is just practice and practice makes perfect!” she explains. College Girls can be purchased via











Compton, California’s nineteen-year-old Demontae Thompson, a bright student at Cal State University of Northridge and author of Raised From Scratch was a foster child along with his brother Demontray Thompson. Demontae Thompson is an advocate for equality and change. One day Demontae pondered his life stories and realized he has a story to tell. As he brushed up his entrepreneurship skills he relived his childhood through his words of Raised From Scratch, an Autobiography. “I have a passion for inspiring youth and motivating everyone I meet. My goals are to become a motivational speaker and an Executive Director of a non-profit organization. Raised From Scratch can be purchased on for 10$.Image

Victoria Bolden is a amazing Bennett Belle from Cleveland, Ohio. Outside of being a 3.7 GPA student and serving as Miss NAACP at Bennett College for Woman, she is also an upcoming vibrant entrepreneur. She has a knack for crocheting in which she inherited from her mother. Her plan as a young entrepreneur is to transform her craft hobby into a business. Her advice to future craft lovers is “if there is a craft that you can do keep doing it and sell what ever it may be. Do something you enjoy doing. Make it your brand because no one else can do what you do.”

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