“Whats Happening in the World Today?”

21 Mar

January 20, 2010 an earthquake hit Haiti and the country that killed 300,000 people and is still in ruins. Haitian young ladies are trading sex for food and other necessities. Young ladies are constantly become pregnant, having babies in unsanitary places without prenatal care. Sex is their only way to escape hell on earth. This news is important because Haitians are in need of help. Tracey Wilkinson, the author clearly explains the tragic madness in Haiti; the story takes on an emotional toll on the audience. Although, 118.4 million dollars have been disbursed, that large amount is only doing a dollar worth of help because the country is suffering severely from poverty. Fourteen and fifth teen year olds are being raped left and right, food and jobs are extremely hard to come across as violence is easily available to find. The living conditions are disturbing more than half a million families are living in tents. No education is being taught. The government has not stepped in to assess the population and lead them to living productive lives again. According Tracey Wilkinson to the vulnerabilities of this already vulnerable group. Wilkinson should have included the rate of pregnancy, diseases and death. Other then that the article was well written, leaves readers devastated and questionable. Usually Americans or different organizations step in and help out disasters however the author did not include this information. There are various questions regarding this article such as why is the country still down? Did the government try to reach out to different nations for assistance? Is there any type of protection or birth control dealing with sexual intercourse? When will the government be active in the country again? Where are the dead bodies being deposed? How long did the disaster last ?

By: Alexis Small

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