“Whats Happening in the World Today?”

21 Mar

An Australian Guy by the name of Kevin Clark expressed his yearn for a Meximelt from Taco Bell to a dear friend. Unfortunately, Taco Bells are not in his neck of the woods. Therefore his friend sent him a Meximelt via mail and two weeks later the Meximelt showed up at his doorstep without being refrigerated. The delicious sensation was not as tasty as he remembered and he was disappointed with a upset stomach. This article is important because fast food restaurants show be nation wide. For example people from the west coast that migrates to the east coast are going to miss In-and-Out Burger’s, El Pollo Loco, Ramona’s, Togo’s, Robeks and Wienerschnitzed. As well as someone from the East moving to the west they would yearn for White Castle, Moe’s Southwest Grill, Biscuitville, and Bojangle’s. The main point of the article was to bring to light the need of spreading fast food restaurants worldwide. American’s are used to having what they want, how they want it, when they want it. So instead of having friends all over the United States mailing fast food to satisfy taste bugs it will be more convenient to expand the fast food chain. The author Emily Smith was very informative throughout the article. However she should have include data of the residents from coast to coast, especially visiting a diverse college campus because a lot of students long for fast food from their hometowns.


By: Alexis Small

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