“What’s Happening In The World Today?”

21 Mar

The five-dollar college plan is a nonprofit youth outreach program by native Watts, California’s graceful “Sweet Alice” was designed to keep minorities off the streets of Los Angeles. She persuades the youth with five dollars, helps them create a savings account at both Kinecta Credit Union and Nix financial; she also explains the importance of both saving and budgeting. ‘Sweet Alice’ is so passionate about the organization because her mentor introduce here to saving and budgeting as well, which helped her pay for Beauty school as a young adult. She began the youth outreach program three years ago, she had forty students to join and now they’re juniors in college. Last Saturday, Sweet Alice host a successful “Back- to-school community event “ where ninety-six join the five dollar program. The article also mentioned a middle school student named Danielle Sandoval, she saved seven hundred dollars including her original five dollars. Reading this article filled me with excitement not only because the story took place in my neck of the woods but also because the community is crying out for leaders to transfer negative energy into positive. It seems like Watts, South Central and Compton only receives unfavorable recognition like crime rates. The media only glamorizes the negativity that occur. I applaud Sweet Alice for stepping up to the plate.



By:Alexis Small

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