History of Motown Music

28 Mar

Motown Records was a Black-owned business ran by Former Boxer/song writer Barry Gordy and song writer/singer Smokey Robinson. Motown Records was established Jan. 12, 1959 in the heart of Detroit, during the turning point of the Civil Rights movement. Motown was the pride of Blacks. Nevertheless, all races adored the “Motown sound” joyous, sad, romantic tune that told simple yet relatable stories. From the harmonies of The Temptations, Diana Ross and The Supremes, Gladys’s Knight and the Pips to the Jackson 5, Stevie Wonder and Marvin Gaye. These artist and a host of others sung their hearts out and their song were constantly on the hit list. Which kept Motown Records alive and thriving.

First we discussed the environment surrounding the company. Motown Records was located in an urban community. At that point in time The African American Community were all on one accord. They were on a journey to make the world a better place for all nationalities, especially for Blacks. During that time period Blacks supported Blacks. Black owned/ Black ran businesses were on a raise nationwide but only in urban communities. However, a lot of Black own businesses were being burnt down due to racism. But for the love of Motown no one ever tried to destroy it in fact the jazz and soul brought Blacks and Whites together. Motown Business strategy was to make catchy songs that are easy to remember so the song can become popular and always make the top five on the hit chart. Next, Motown was going great until the artist began to tamper with drugs and alcoholism and groups such as the Temptations had to split. Meanwhile other artist like Diana Ross started her acting career as well as her soloist career.  Lastly, in1967 when the Detroit Riot broke out and Mr. Gordy decided to move Motown to Los Angeles and the business was not making as money as it was before so he sold Motown to MCA, which turned into Polygram, which was bought by Universal. Instead of selling Motown Mr. Gordy should’ve moved Motown to Chicago or Atlanta because Blacks supported Blacks, they purchased the records where as the Whites stole songs and Whites bought the remakes of the originally Black songs.

Written by: Alexis Small

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