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A Glimpse of My Sophomore Year

25 Apr

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Retrospect on power

23 Apr

My Morehouse brother Richard Hackett from Baltimore, Maryland has a passion for poetry. Check out his work.

I remember like it was yesterday, the day  I broke your cool
A cold September night one day after school
Being young and dumb just blasting my. music
Being who I’m not, talking real foolish
Didn’t know at the time that my words reflect my reality
Doing things irrationally made my mind function so blindly
Starting to see you come my way so happy and sincere
My aurora makes you feel better than what you appear
Seeing you walk closer near me
My hand slams the door in your face and I walk away shortly
Avoiding you for a minute but I couldn’t ignore your wailing cry
I take a deep breath to see the damage on the other side
To see the inadvertent pain you live with all because of me
A snap back to reality hit me harder than what the physical can see
Scarring you for life, it happened so fast, I can’t  even comprehend
You’re probably thinking is this the very end
Sometimes I wonder what people say about your blemish
Is this the reason why me and you are finished
Tell me something I really want to know
Where do we stand and where are we gonna go
Richard R. Hackett

Follow him on twitter @Richie_RlCH

The March For Justice

21 Apr

Folks from all over joined hand and hand and took a stand for Trayvon Martin a month ago Downtown Greensboro , North Carolina.







Thrills for quote lovers!

11 Apr

Pregnant with potential and possibility !

I’ll fulfill you and you’ll fulfill me and we’ll walk to together towards our destiny

God let me see me, the way you see me. – W. Gholston

Don’t let anyone look down on you bc you’re young, set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith & in purity.

Some of us are so broke we can’t even pay attention ..

You can’t soar like an eagle when you surround yourself with turkeys- words from the wise

I’m just planting my seeds and nourishing them. You’ll see them spout sooner than you think! -APS

Beauty is a gift and a curse. For men and women. I believe this.

Don’t stop, narrow your focus to one idea and make it work that will give birth to all the others – Tyler Perry

Focus on 1 thing don’t plant too many seeds because you can’t give a sufficient amount of water to each one.

If you don’t dream it you can’t become it change is a mindset one thing we can always do is work hard- magic johnson

the bigger picture isn’t developed yet..

The better person you become, the better person you will attract.

What you PUT UP with is exactly what you END UP with. You can only EXPECT what you ACCEPT, remember that.

You take the front line when there is danger. Then people will appreciate your leadership.” – Nelson Mandela

“It is better to lead from behind and to put others in front, especially when you celebrate victory when nice things occur.”

Proud NEW member of The Pi Delta Epsilon-Alpha Phi Gamma Journalism Collegiate Honors Society

10 Apr

April 9, 2012 16 ladies including myself were inducted into the Pi Delta Epsilon-Alpha Phi Gamma Journalism collegiate Honors Society. I am proud and honored to be a member. Not to mention,

“I was recently informed that the Bennett Banner placed third in the Society for Collegiate Journalists 2012 Overall Excellence Awards for an Online News Website. The reincarnation of the Bennett Banner to just an online destination started last spring, so to receive an award like this as the kinks are still being worked out just shows the caliber of students we have in the Journalism and Media Studies Department. This honor is a reflection of the work done by current students and those who graduated last year. Ladies, continue the great work, and let’s go earn some First Place Awards.” – Professor Coleman

Hard work pays off! I am grateful. Congratulations to the Ladies of the Journalism and Media Studies department at Bennett College for women in Greensboro, NC.

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Images taken by: Racquel Bethea!/RacquelBethea

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My District of Columbia Experience

9 Apr

My trip to The “DMV” (District of Columbia, Maryland & Virginia) was so beautiful. Myself along with 3 friends hit the highway around 7am Friday morning. We arrived to DC at approximately 11am. Takesha, Dani and I were dropped of at a train station, as I purchased a Train card a random bystander tried to snatch Dani’s Wallet. FAIL! Once the train arrived our adventure started. We traveled to The Gallery Place and did some shopping and sight seeing for the rest of our Friday. On Saturday, We caught the train to the White House, The Lincoln Memorial, The Martin Luther King  Monument and The National Zoo which was so phenomenal. I am still speechless! Chocolate City is one fast city. Being a native of Los Angeles, California I found the train station extremely exciting and interesting. The usage of Train transportation is the way of life, its a norm. I saw a lot in the train stations. Three fellas were singing “My Girl by The Temptations”, two guys were arguing about their favorite football team and a elderly lady was having a full blown conversation with a 7month old baby boy. But after walking all over DC that didn’t bother me, I just sat, rode and observed. Easter Sunday was all about church and getting ready to hit the road. I enjoyed my trip. I can wait to return! Awesome DC Experience! Xo.

20120409-113511.jpg Gallery Place, ChinaTown

20120409-113543.jpgGood afternoon Maryland

20120409-113559.jpg On the Train with Dani

20120409-113608.jpgEverlasting Escalator

20120409-113619.jpgDani & Kesha on the Train

20120409-113634.jpgChelsey the Cheetah at the Zoo.

20120409-113644.jpg 7-11 for lunch

20120409-113659.jpg Gabby the Gorilla with Kesha!

20120409-113709.jpgenjoying my trip to DC!

20120409-113717.jpgZoo Fun in the Sun!

20120409-113721.jpgCute double decker bus

20120409-113728.jpgthree gentleman singing my girl

20120409-113738.jpgAt the Lincoln Memorial

20120409-113745.jpgFried Chicken, fries, ice & lemonade mixed with “Mumbo sauce” its a DMV thing.

20120409-113756.jpgThe aftermath of walking all over DC.

20120409-113805.jpgThe million man march




20120409-113858.jpgThe White house

20120409-114123.jpgZara the Zebra

20120409-114134.jpgTrain Station