My District of Columbia Experience

9 Apr

My trip to The “DMV” (District of Columbia, Maryland & Virginia) was so beautiful. Myself along with 3 friends hit the highway around 7am Friday morning. We arrived to DC at approximately 11am. Takesha, Dani and I were dropped of at a train station, as I purchased a Train card a random bystander tried to snatch Dani’s Wallet. FAIL! Once the train arrived our adventure started. We traveled to The Gallery Place and did some shopping and sight seeing for the rest of our Friday. On Saturday, We caught the train to the White House, The Lincoln Memorial, The Martin Luther King  Monument and The National Zoo which was so phenomenal. I am still speechless! Chocolate City is one fast city. Being a native of Los Angeles, California I found the train station extremely exciting and interesting. The usage of Train transportation is the way of life, its a norm. I saw a lot in the train stations. Three fellas were singing “My Girl by The Temptations”, two guys were arguing about their favorite football team and a elderly lady was having a full blown conversation with a 7month old baby boy. But after walking all over DC that didn’t bother me, I just sat, rode and observed. Easter Sunday was all about church and getting ready to hit the road. I enjoyed my trip. I can wait to return! Awesome DC Experience! Xo.

20120409-113511.jpg Gallery Place, ChinaTown

20120409-113543.jpgGood afternoon Maryland

20120409-113559.jpg On the Train with Dani

20120409-113608.jpgEverlasting Escalator

20120409-113619.jpgDani & Kesha on the Train

20120409-113634.jpgChelsey the Cheetah at the Zoo.

20120409-113644.jpg 7-11 for lunch

20120409-113659.jpg Gabby the Gorilla with Kesha!

20120409-113709.jpgenjoying my trip to DC!

20120409-113717.jpgZoo Fun in the Sun!

20120409-113721.jpgCute double decker bus

20120409-113728.jpgthree gentleman singing my girl

20120409-113738.jpgAt the Lincoln Memorial

20120409-113745.jpgFried Chicken, fries, ice & lemonade mixed with “Mumbo sauce” its a DMV thing.

20120409-113756.jpgThe aftermath of walking all over DC.

20120409-113805.jpgThe million man march




20120409-113858.jpgThe White house

20120409-114123.jpgZara the Zebra

20120409-114134.jpgTrain Station










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