Retrospect on power

23 Apr

My Morehouse brother Richard Hackett from Baltimore, Maryland has a passion for poetry. Check out his work.

I remember like it was yesterday, the day  I broke your cool
A cold September night one day after school
Being young and dumb just blasting my. music
Being who I’m not, talking real foolish
Didn’t know at the time that my words reflect my reality
Doing things irrationally made my mind function so blindly
Starting to see you come my way so happy and sincere
My aurora makes you feel better than what you appear
Seeing you walk closer near me
My hand slams the door in your face and I walk away shortly
Avoiding you for a minute but I couldn’t ignore your wailing cry
I take a deep breath to see the damage on the other side
To see the inadvertent pain you live with all because of me
A snap back to reality hit me harder than what the physical can see
Scarring you for life, it happened so fast, I can’t  even comprehend
You’re probably thinking is this the very end
Sometimes I wonder what people say about your blemish
Is this the reason why me and you are finished
Tell me something I really want to know
Where do we stand and where are we gonna go
Richard R. Hackett

Follow him on twitter @Richie_RlCH

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