My Black Girls Rock Experience

17 Oct

This weekend I celebrated the brilliance of Black woman. This unforgettable trip to New York was an eye opener, BLACK GIRLS REALLY DO ROCK! I have so much to live, strive and aim for; we are the seeds of greatness. Beverly Bonds definitely rocks she had a vision and made it reality most of us are dreamers but we’re just that, dreamers. Actions speak louder than words we need to act on our dreams more frequently. Now, I will not share who made guest appearances because I don’t want to spoil the very PLEASANT surprises ladies & gents. However I will tell you that you’re most definitely going to enjoy the show. Witnessing BGR live I was able to get a feel for some of the star’s personalities which was both interesting and entertaining. Oh, and another thing you all are going to be surprise by the performances a few old artists are making a come back. Three of the performances made me get up out of my seat and dance to their R&B beats (hint hint). The vibe was so motivational and powerful, Thank you Beverly Bonds for creating Black Girls Rock, because we really do. I challenge everyone to go out and make this world a better place. “Life is not what you have done, what you should have done… it’s about what you can do and will do.” – Tariq Nasheed Don’t forget to tune in Nov. 4th you don’t want to miss it!

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