Do For Love

26 May

“What you won’t do, do for love
You tried everything, but you don’t give up” – Tupactumblr_lz13llSc7k1r4j5cho1_500

My roommate/friend Takesha “Kesha” McDaniel, (a psychology major from the District of Columbia) and I had a heated debate about relationships. Keep in mind we do this on the regular but this time it was different, very different. Kesha asked me

“If you were genuinely in love would you move anywhere for the sake of you significant other’s career?”

Immediately I selfishly answered “NO”. However, because Kesha has been in a committed relationship for 3 years and some change, she chuckled and said “Wait until you fall in love, just wait until you meet your soul mate”.

At the time I was going through a “single and ready mingle” stage and not to mention ever since I entered college I stopped believing in marriage. (My mind has changed since this debate and my fairly new relationship) I figured my generation will most likely have the lowest rate of weddings because the culture of dating has changed. Most of my peers have friends with benefits and no “Girlfriend & Boyfriend” titles.

Therefore I challenged Kesha and brought the debate onto one of my most favorite social networks, Instagram. Instantly, my Instagram notifications started blooming and to my surprise my followers agreed with Kesha. They  said they would move because love conquers all.

A Journalism and Media Studies graduate of Bennett College’s Class of 2012 Briana Barner, my mentor, got engaged after graduating. (Literally, right after she received her degree and walked off the stage. Her response was:

“Reese (her fiance) and I have to discuss this recently because:

  1. He is pursuing internships.
  2. We graduate next year.

I would move if he had a job somewhere else, but for me, I would only be willing to do that once we are married because that is the ultimate bond and security. Once we’re married, as a unit, there is no “I”, but “we”. I think this also works only if you have someone who would be willing to do the same for you. Sometimes to win as a couple  doesn’t always mean that YOU will be the person winning on paper. But together, your successes are my successes, if that means any sense.”

Myriah Cyphers Criminal Justice Major at Clark Atlanta response was: “Lexii, this is a good one but you already know my answer is yes!

“Yes I would, nothing is stronger than love. Your answer will change once you have experienced true love. Once you meet a person that you love more than life itself, you’re willing to do anything to be with that person” said James Pierce Social Work  graduate from Livingstone College, class of 2012.

As I read the responses to Kesha she smiled, shooked her head and said “I told you so, Lex!”.

Since this debate my thoughts about love, relationships and marriages have been altered and yes,I too will move with my significant other only if there’s an engagement ring involved. That’s my only golden ticket.

By: Alexis Small

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