The Art of Being Comfortable In Your Singleness

11 Apr

This blog post was inspire by my Bennett Sister Lydia Blanco’s Facebook status:


“Every day I learn something new about myself in my singleness and I thank God for that”


There is art in being comfortable in your singleness.


Within my group of friends two are married, two are in serious relationships, one has entered her journey in to single motherhood and the other 3 are dating.


Its been a little over a year since my last relationship. Please believe me when I was timing is everything. My journey to being “okay” with being single was no walk through the park. I bumped into three unnecessary situationships; that could’ve been avoided. But hey, experience is the best teacher, right?


It seemed as if every time I logged into my social media accounts someone just announced they’re getting married. Of course, I often wondered when was it going to be my turn. Everywhere I looked , a relationship was there and I really wanted to be in one. From TV, social media, friends etc. everything revolved around love & relationships.


I had a lot of free time on my hands because I wasn’t spending countless hours on the phone cupcaking anymore. I then began reading books like “Letters to my Daughter” by Maya Angelou. The book was phenomenal and taught me that the art of living fearlessly is to seize every opportunity. Maya took many risks, she too longed for love and got her heart broken many times. Those unfortunate lessons taught her how to love herself endlessly.


It was then when I realized I was so uncomfortable being alone. While driving I’d rather plug in my headsets and talked to a friend or two instead of listening to the radio enjoying “ME” time.


So, I challenged myself to starting dating me. I began to take myself out to dinner, to the spa, shopping, pack a bag, occupy a window seat and travel alone. It began to become second nature to spend time with myself than to hit a bar or a club. I’d rather stay home and scrapbook, cook, write in my diary or Netflix and chill with my damn self.


I also pray, write scripts, work out, make goals and achieve them. To my sisters out there searching for a bae. Remember to find “she” before finding “he”. We’re young and we have time. Focus on yourself, forgive the person who broke your heart and enjoy your singleness. It’s not that bad, I promise.

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