About Alexis Small

Alexis Small may have a camera- friendly face and a one hundred watt smile, but this California native would rather be behind the camera. As a Journalism and Media Studies major at Bennett College for Women in Greensboro, North Carolina, Small hopes to change the perception of African Americans in cinema. Small expects to produce films that depict African Americans in a favorable manner. While the film industry is a major focal point for Small, it isn’t her only focus. In September 2011, Small organized a group called “Team Troy Davis” (Troy Davis was convicted and executed on September 21, 2011 for murdering a police officer. He was believed to be innocent). Small, along with her group, attended Davis’ funeral in Augusta, Georgia to stand up for the rights of blacks everywhere. Small is developing a non-profit organization called W.A.T.F.  is an acronym for We Are the Future. With this project Small hopes to practice professional etiquette with the future leaders of America. When she isn’t in class or coordinating activities for her groups, Small enjoys making short documentaries that she airs on YouTube. Small’s knack for film has landed her interviews with the actress and model Melyssa Ford, video girl Ayisha Diaz, and teen jewelry designer, Ms. Malikah Johnson. Small looks up to Spike Lee for the footprint he has left in the film industry. Small also looks up to Dr. Welbon and Professor Davis who teach at her college. In ten years, Small hopes to have produced at least five films, to have her non-profit organizations worldwide, to have opened a restaurant, and become a philanthropist. Small is definitely one girl who knows how to dream big.

Written By: Travaris Reliford

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